In this Galvin Green Marcus polo shirt review, Joel Tadman wears it for multiple rounds to see what performance golfers can expect

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Galvin Green Marcus Polo Shirt


  • Lightweight, stylish and extremely breathability, this shirt places a premium on comfort to minimise on-course distractions.


  • Quite loose fitting around the body.


Galvin Green Marcus Polo Shirt


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Galvin Green Marcus Polo Shirt Review

Long gone are the days of heavy, restrictive golf shirts and the Marcus polo is a classic example of these advancements in technology but also sustainability.

For this shirt is an OEKO-TEX 100 certified garment, which means that every component, i.e. every thread, button and other elements, have been tested and deemed completely harmless for human health.galvin-green-marcus-polo-detail-web
So it’s good for you and environment, plus it performs at a high level in a golf-specific way. The first thing you notice is now light and thin the material is. It almost feels cool on the skin too in its white colourway with navy trim, which is refreshing in the peak of the sun’s rays. This is helped by the fabric’s UV protection 20+, which adds an element of protection to the performance package.

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But it’s the comfort and breathability that really stand out with this particular shirt. No matter how much you sweat, this shirt makes light work of it. Any sign of moisture quickly vanishes, keeping you feeling fresh and comfortable for the duration of the round.


It is also very stretchy, so you haven’t got to worry about it impeding your swing at the crucial moment. The fit is slim around the arms but generous around the torso, so it should fit a healthy range of body shapes.

The overall styling is also very visually appealing. We love the details down the arms and the Galvin Green logo on the rear of the collar, just adding enough shelf appeal without overdoing it on what is a relatively plain, subdued design for the Swedish brand, but one that is versatile.

On hot days, the Marcus polo shirt would match perfectly with the Paolo shorts and the Spike cap for a stylish summer look from top-to-bottom.


This lightweight, stretchy polo shirt excels at being comfortable while also looking the part and doing its bit for the environment to justify its premium price tag.