In this Full Swing Golf Simulator review, Joel Tadman tests the 16 foot widescreen Pro option also found in the home of Tiger Woods

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Full Swing Golf Simulator


  • Offers accurate and realistic ball flight graphics and an exceptional course-playing experience. Wide range of features enhances versatility.


  • Very expensive. Limited locations. Lots of space required.


Full Swing Golf Simulator

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Full Swing Golf Simulator Review

Once Tiger Woods is fully recovered from his injuries, the place he’ll likely start hitting golf shots again is in his Full Swing Golf home simulator. It’s popular in the US among many leading PGA Tour players but has now made its way to the UK, with the first installation located at Silvermere Golf & Leisure.

We paid it a visit recently and tested out the top-of-the-range Pro Series, the same 16 foot widescreen option used by Woods himself. Its patented dual sensor technology uses an overhead ion3 camera with line tracking infrared sensors to immediately show your ball flight on the screen starting from exactly where your ball contacts the screen.

You see accurate trajectories on the screen in real time with no delay and after every shot, a replay of the overhead views shows you your strike and club path from an angle most golfers never see.

As fun as that was, enjoyment levels go up a notch when you play simulated courses, like TPC Sawgrass, mapped using drone flyovers and topography charts for the most accurate and realistic experience.

The level of detail was incredible – like the rippling of the water and birds flying through the sky – it’s as close to feeling what it is like to play these courses in an indoor environment.

If you want to test your game in a pressure situation (besides trying to hit Sawgrass’ 17th hole island green!) there’s the Showdown feature, which offers a variety of golf skills challenges, so you can hone different areas of your game under pressure to make your practice more effective.

Then there’s the option to practice your penalties, rugby conversions or even your cricket bowling action along with being able to watch films or play video games like a cinema experience.


Given its versatility, accuracy and attention to detail, you could make a case for Full Swing Golf being the best indoor simulator experience that exists. It comes in at a super-premium price, but it’s no wonder given its capabilities.