We test out the adidas Ultimate Leather Glove over a number of rounds on the golf course...

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Adidas Ultimate Leather Glove


  • Classic styling in this 100% cabretta leather glove that feels soft and premium.


  • Did scuff up on the palm after a few rounds.


Adidas Ultimate Leather Glove


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Clubhouse Golf

Adidas Ultimate Leather Glove

New for 2021 is adidas’ Premium Leather golf glove, allowing fans of the three stripes brand to match their apparel and shoes to their glove.

We’ve seen Sergio Garcia wear an adidas glove for years out on the PGA and European Tours and now golfers can pick up their own.

The 100% premium cabretta leather offering feels and performs like a premium glove with a soft feel, comfortable fit and excellent grip.

The fit is certainly slightly smaller compared to a more expensive premium glove we have been testing, which is looser around the top section of our hand towards the wrist.

Both gloves were medium and the adidas offers up a more snug fit, which we liked.

Coming in at £15 in the UK, it is in that higher bracket price point but well below some of the most expensive offerings, making it good value for what you get.

One area where it does differ its more expensive competitors is the fact that it has no air holes underneath the fingers, although we did not notice any difference in breathability.

Our hands did not get sweaty or lose grip whilst wearing the glove out on the golf course.

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With adidas traditionally staying away from the premium leather glove category, it is certainly a unique glove to own away from the more traditional brands.

Many people will enjoy that and it certainly appeals to fans of the brand.

Having used the glove for five rounds, we did begin to notice some slight scuffing towards the top of the palm.

We’ve also noticed this with other brands we have tested, though, so it could simply be that our tester’s grip pressure is too tight.

The thumb also began to slightly scuff, although nowhere near as much as on the palm.


A welcome addition to the adidas range that rivals any other premium leather cabretta glove.