Win $100 In Mastercard Rewards By Taking On PXG's GEN6 Driver Challenge

PXG are challenging golfers to see if they can out hit their newest driver model, the GEN6


PXG is calling on golfers to take on their GEN6 Driver Challenge this August, a head-to-head knockout event that could see someone win a $100 Mastercard Rewards Card. 

It comes following the launch of the brand's 0311 GEN6 driver, which dropped on the market earlier this year and we rated it so highly that we chose to include it in our Editors Choice Awards for 2023

And the Arizona-based manufacturer is so confident about the performance of this driver that it is putting its money where its mouth is and are offering players the chance to see if they can out-drive their latest model. 

The brand say: "We’re confident that in nearly every case, our GEN6 Driver will deliver more distance or tighter dispersion than your current set-up. If we’re right, you have no further obligation, but we know that once you swing GEN6, you’re going to want it."

Golfers of all abilities and experience levels can join in on the challenge and all players need to do is schedule a PXG GEN6 Driver Challenge fitting online and bring your current driver along to the session. 

After warming up, you'll hit five shots with your driver and PXG's Master Fitter will identify your three best strikes after analysing your performance data. 

You'll then be fitted for a GEN6 driver and repeat the process, before reviewing the results. 

The Master Fitter will then compare the stats from both before selecting the driver that has the greatest average total distance and the driver with the best dispersion rating.  

PXG 0311 XF Gen6 Driver Review

PXG 0311 XF Gen6 Driver

(Image credit: Carly Frost)

If the PXG Driver does not outperform your club then you'll win the $100 Mastercard Rewards Card.

But if the GEN6 is the winner in either category of distance or dispersion, the PXG will be the winner. 

“The PXG GEN6 Driver stands tall next to all the established brands. It’s blazing fast and beyond forgiving," said PXG Founder and CEO Bob Parsons.

"We’re so confident that in nearly every case it will knock out the competition, I am willing to put money on it."

“To all those who have wondered and waited, or those who have trolled and not tested, now’s the time. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

The manufacturer have already run the challenge on a sample of 50 golfers and claim that their driver won 94 per cent of the time, saying "the PXG GEN6 Driver outperforms the competition in almost every instance."

The challenge will run through to August 31 2023, with PXG also set to host GEN6 Driver Challenge Nights in select stores and fitting locations. 

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