A debate is scheduled for Monday 23rd November after a petition reached more than 250,000 signatures


Will England Golf Courses Re-Open? Government To Debate

Could England’s golf courses be set to re-open fairly soon?

The UK Parliament will debate the petition ‘Exempt golf courses from the list of venues required to close due to Covid-19’ on Monday 23 November, England Golf has confirmed.

Golf courses in England have been closed since Thursday 5th November, starting a four week national lockdown.

That was despite strong arguments from England Golf along with the wider industry and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Golf.

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It is hoped that course will re-open on 3rd December or as soon as possible.

England Golf says it wholeheartedly supports the views of the petition that golf courses should be allowed to remain open through this current lockdown, enabling golfers of all ages to continue playing our beloved game and exercise safely.

The organisation has also acknowledged on social media that there is no guarantee of courses re-opening on 3rd December so this upcoming debate will offer promise – we are sure to know more on Monday evening.

“We know the benefits out sport can provide for both mental and physical health at this time of isolation and hope the government can recognise this during the upcoming debate and support golf’s return to playing,” England Golf CEO Jeremy Tomlinson said.

“Earlier this year, the game of golf was able to clearly demonstrate that it could be enjoyed in a Covid safe way, which is why it was one of the first sports to return once restrictions were lifted.

“This was a privilege that the sport took incredibly seriously and accordingly adopted the highest possible standards to keep participants safe.

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“Our sport has come together in one voice during this difficult year and it’s thanks to the support of our members, clubs and counties, as well as our collaboration with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Golf.”

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