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When Can I Go To The Driving Range?

It was confirmed that courses in England will be opening on 29th March, bringing to close a near-12 week period of no golf.

But what about driving ranges?

For some, driving ranges will be how golf can be fit in to busy, modern-day lives.

They’re also breeding grounds for beginners, casual golfers and youngsters.

Ranges are currently opening in Scotland, with the rest of the UK’s driving ranges closed at the moment.

So when will they be opening? Here’s the current guidance…

When can I go to the driving range in England?

Luckily for those missing the range, most will be opening in England on 29th March along with courses.

All driving ranges that are considered as outdoor will be allowed to re-open.

Some ranges, however, can be classed as indoor settings, with each facility advised to interpret the guidelines based on their individual circumstances.

If your local range is considered as an indoor setting, it will be re-opening on 12th April.

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When are driving ranges opening in Wales?

There has been no official announcement as of yet but driving ranges, and golf courses, will likely re-open at or around the same time as those in England.

When are driving ranges opening in Ireland?

In both Northern and the Republic of Ireland, driving ranges are closed.

They should be re-opening in Northern Ireland at a similar time as in England and Wales, although there has been no official announcement just yet.

In the Republic of Ireland, courses and driving ranges are also closed for the time being.

It remains to be seen when they will open, which will likely be at a different time to the UK’s venues.

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