Weather Forecast For 2024 US Open At Pinehurst No.2

The weather forecast for the final round of the 2024 US Open looks to be set fair, with a very small chance of rain and temperatures reaching up to 90F

General view of Pinehurst No.2 during a practice round on Monday
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The handful of players near the top of the leaderboard will be feeling the heat as they close in on the 124th US Open title at Pinehurst No.2 this Sunday.

The first two Majors of the year saw their fair share of challenging weather conditions, with the first round of The Masters at Augusta National delayed due to thunderstorms, while strong winds caused havoc for players in the second round. 

The PGA Championship at Valhalla also suffered a couple of delays due to fog, while rain played a role throughout the week. 

But the weather at the US Open this week has been the best of the Major season so far, with temperatures becoming hot and humid, and just a small chance of rain throughout.

According to the US Open's official forecast, temperatures reached up to 96F (35.5C) in Pinehurst, North Carolina during tournament play.

With no more than seven miles-per-hour (12km/h) winds expected, heat on the course could get even higher for the players, with “real feel” temperatures reaching the high 90s.

In his pre-championship press conference, Tiger Woods admitted rounds might take a little longer after highlighting the importance of players staying hydrated.

He said: "It's like home. Hot and humid is what we deal with every single day at home in Florida, so that's nothing new. It's just making sure that I keep hydrated and the mental tax that the heat will bring. It's going to bring it to all of us, not just me. Everyone is going to be tested.

"It's going to make for long rounds with the falloffs and run-offs on the greens. The rounds time-wise are going to be a little bit longer. Then when you're out in the heat for that length and period of time, that's going to take a little bit of wear and tear on you."

The first three days in Raleigh, North Carolina were hot and dry with hardly any wind, leading to the course turning from a lush green to a sandy brown in places. What little breeze there was helped to bake the greens and fairways, meaning that players could drive the ball slightly further but were struggling to keep approach shots on the green.

Already widely considered to be the toughest test in golf every year, this year's US Open winning score could be relatively high as leader Bryson DeChambeau begins round four on seven-under, three strokes clear of Rory McIlroy, Patrick Cantlay, and Matthieu Pavon.

Here is the breakdown of Sunday's weather forecast (according to the USGA's forecast)...

2024 US Open Weather Forecast


  • 8AM: Temperature - 74F, Wind speed - 4-8mph, Chance of precipitation - 20%
  • 10AM: Temperature - 80F, Wind speed - 5-10mph, Chance of precipitation - 0%
  • 12PM: Temperature - 86F, Wind speed - 5-10mph, Chance of precipitation - 20%
  • 2PM: Temperature - 90F, Wind speed - 5-10mph, Chance of precipitation - 20%
  • 4PM: Temperature - 90F, Wind speed - 5-10mph, Chance of precipitation - 20%
  • 6PM: Temperature - 88F, Wind speed - 4-8mph, Chance of precipitation - 0%
  • 8PM: Temperature - 82F, Wind speed - 4-8mph, Chance of precipitation - 0%
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