Thanksgiving Video Feast

Golf Monthly's video compilation of what every golfer should be thankful for this year.

Calling football ?soccer? is still inexcusable and working with anyone preferring coffee to tea is a bit maddening, but after having a Yank at the office for a month we at Golf Monthly have come to realize that some American traditions aren?t half bad.

As anyone with family or friends in the States is aware of, the fourth Thursday of November each year marks one of the USA?s most important national holidays known as Thanksgiving.

The name basically sums up the purpose of the day. Americans gather with their family members and close friends to give thanks for what they have in their lives by gorging on massive quantities of food and watching American football all day.

Having an American colleague at the office has given us a chance to think about all the golf related things to be thankful for this year. After much browsing through the YouTube archives we have compiled a cornucopia of great videos to celebrate those things in life that every golfer can give thanks for.

1. There?s still room for golf at the office

Sometimes it seems like we have too much time on our hands, like whenever we compile these video clips for our readers. Then a video like this comes along to make us unbelievably jealous of just how much time some people really do have at their workplace. Outstanding stuff.

2. Charles Barkley?s ugly swing is an ocean away

Known to basketball aficionados as the ?Round Mound of Rebound,? Mr. Barkley clearly has not used any of his retirement time to work on his horrendous golf swing. You really do have to see this video a few times to believe what you?re witnessing.

3. We?re not the only one?s practicing our trick shots

We all goof around with trick shots out on the practice green, but generally those shots don?t amount to much of anything except wasted time. This video of a young Phil Mickelson shows that even when pros experiment during practice they can create shots that make the rest of us look downright foolish in comparison.

4. Good friends with video cameras

Having a witness to those rare moments in life when you hit a brilliant shot is always great, but having a mate with a camcorder to capture said events is truly priceless.

5. Southern Golf Weekly is one American export we?ll never see

The States have exported a fair share of quality programs across the Atlantic in recent years, but this video of a regional golf show from the South makes us pray that nothing of its nature will ever see the light of day in the UK.

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