Ping launches PING G10 driver, fairway woods, irons and hybrid

PING has launched a new PING G10 driver, fairway woods, irons and utility

PING's new 460cc G10 Driver is designed to provide a higher moment of inertia thanks to its taller clubface and deeper crown helping even the most inaccurate of drivers find a few more fairways. US Open Champion Angel Cabrera has already switched to new driver, putting one in the bag for the Barclays Scottish Open last month, where he led the field in driving distance.

"We've engineered a lot of little improvements into the G10 driver which added up to significant performance gains," said John K. Solheim, PING's Vice President of Engineering. "Golfers of all skill levels will see improvement in distance, accuracy and consistency.”

PING also have a Draw version of the G10 available, which is aimed at promoting a right-to-left ball flight.

The PING G10 Driver or G10 Draw Driver are expected to will retail at around £239.

The new G10 Fairway Woods are designed with similar characteristics to the driver, although a lower centre of gravity (provided by extra weight on the sole of the club) will make getting under the ball easier. Another feature of the G10 Fairway Woods is its low profile, created by a shallow face, which is designed specifically to improve the strike quality from various lies. Fairway Woods are also available in the Draw model and will cost around £165.

With the ever growing popularity of Hybrid sets, PING have added a G10 range available in anything between a 1 and 6-iron, costing between £114 and £129 depending shaft. The main aim of the hybrids weighting system is to reduce spin and increase launch angle.

To complete the range, PING have introduced two new sets of irons, designed with both ends of the golfing ability spectrum in mind. The G10 irons have been created to help those who require forgiveness and are looking to add more consistency and distance to their iron play, while the i10 Irons have been designed for the player who prefers a blade-style club and the ability to control the shape and distance of their shots. The PING G10 and i10 irons will both retail at £75 (steel) or £90 (graphite) per club.

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