The American says that he doesn't want to play in the Ryder Cup if there's no fans


Koepka Against Fan-Less Ryder Cup: “I Don’t See A Point”

World Number Three Brooks Koepka has joined numbers one and two in coming out against a Ryder Cup being played without fans.

Both Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm have said that it shouldn’t go ahead without spectators and Brooks agrees.

In an interview with the Golf Channel, Koepka said he doesn’t see a point in playing it if fans can’t attend.

The Ryder Cup is scheduled to be played between 25th-27th September at Whistling Straits but there are growing fears that it may go ahead without crowds.

“I personally don’t want to play if there’s no fans,” he told the Golf Channel’s Gary Williams.

“I don’t see a point in playing it.

“I get representing your country is an honour and it’s something that’s so much fun, but at the same time, the fans make that event.

“That’s what we get nervous on the first tee.

“You hear the chants.

“You hear everything that’s going on – the U-S-A- (chant), all that stuff

“That’s what makes it fun.”

Rory McIlroy said that the Ryder Cup without fans “isn’t a Ryder Cup.”

“I get the financial implications for everyone involved,” the World No.1 said.

“There’s a lot that goes into putting on the Ryder Cup that people don’t appreciate, but having a Ryder Cup without fans is not a Ryder Cup.

“I would much rather they delay it until 2021 than play it at Whistling Straits without fans.

“And that’s from a European going to America, knowing that I’m going to get abuse!

“Obviously it would be better for the Europeans to play without fans because we wouldn’t have to deal with some of the stuff that you have to put up with, but at the same time it’s not a Ryder Cup.”

World No.2 Jon Rahm echoed McIlroy’s words.

“I have heard the rumours about a possible Ryder Cup with no spectators and, for me, a Ryder Cup without the spectators is just not a Ryder Cup,” the Spaniard told Sky Sports.

“If it was up to me, and I hope I’m not alone in this, I think they should just delay it and be able to get it done in 2021 with spectators.”

European Captain Padraig Harrington, however, has suggested that the match might need to take one for the team and be played without fans.

“Everyone wants fans to be there, but the question is does sport need the Ryder Cup and should the Ryder Cup take one for the team?” Harrington told the Times.

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