Seve Ballesteros has had a second operation due to complications suffered following the removal of a brain tumour on Tuesday. 

La Paz hospital revealed in a statement that the 51-year-old had to undergo another procedure, known as a decompressive craniectomy, after a build-up of pressure inside his skull caused a loss of consciousness.

“The patient, Mr Severiano Ballesteros, showed, 48 hours after surgery, a decreased level of consciousness due to brain swelling, and a decompressive craniectomy was carried out,” the statement read.

“His situation at present is stable and is controlled in the Intensive Care Unit.”

Varying reports on the Spaniard’s health have left the hospital since he collapsed at Madrid airport on October 6, but it is now clear that Ballesteros is in a serious condition.

And after reporting that the initial surgery was a success, it would now appear that Ballesteros is still unable to start any kind of treatment until he has recovered sufficiently.

Seve remains one of the game’s most charismatic figures and his five Major wins only partially represent his contribution to the sport.

Further medical bulletins are expected from La Paz hospital on Seve Ballesteros’ condition in the coming hours.