The average golfer revealed

A Golf Care survey has revealed the habits of the average golfer.

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A Golf Care survey has revealed the golfing habits of the average golfer.

According to a survey carried out by insurers Golf Care, the average golfer has a handicap between 16 and 20, has been golfing for 1-5 years and likes to play 4-ball format.

The average golfer plays their home course 81 times a year and 79% of golfers are members of a golf club, an increase of 2.5% on the figures for 2013.

The average golf club member spends £24 when visiting their club for a round of golf, and £48 when visiting another course. The non member of a golf club spends an average of £49. The average green fee paid by a member playing another course is £25; by an itinerant golfer it is just under £22.

Golf equipment is bought by the average golfer from four sources with 32% buying online, 30% from a high-street outlet, 28% in a pro shop and 10% direct from the manufacturer. Mr Average Golfer’s preferred golf ball is Titleist, and his choice of irons in 2014 was TaylorMade, a change from Ping of the year before.

Almost half of all golfers went on at least one golfing holiday in 2014. Of this 49%, almost two-thirds took a golfing holiday in the UK, but many ventured beyond these shores with just over half taking a trip to Europe and 13% went golfing outside of Europe. The total cost of a going holiday in 2014 was up 11% on 2013, at £703.

In terms of getting their golf news, 33% get it from the television, 28% from golf magazines, 13% from the internet and 8% from newspapers. Or, to put in another way, the average golfer is unlikely to be reading this online story about themselves!

Roderick Easdale

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