The incredible underground golf simulator build took just five weeks


Pro Builds Underground Golf Simulator In His Garden

PGA Pro Justin Sandler has shared the story of how he created his dream Foresight Sports golf simulator…underground in his garden.

Having no room in the house for his swing studio, Justin had to be creative, and creative he was.

The entire build took just five weeks, with the decision taken to dig down with the help of a swimming pool company due to the 3m desired height of the studio.

This also allowed him to bypass planning permission, with the outbuilding coming in under the limit.

The swimming pool company built the underground section of the shed, going 1.3m down in a 7m x 4m size.

The shed build on top of the ‘pool’ took just three days, with the underground foundations taking six days to completely dry.

The shed company cladded the international walls and floor in three days before an electrician sorted all the wiring.

With the structure complete, Justin could begin the process of creating his dream golf simulator studio.

This started with carpeting the walls and ceiling, then laying the subfloor, the turf and the hitting mat before installing the simulator hitting screen and the ceiling baffles.

The PC, projector and Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor were then installed and connected, with Justin free to add the finishing touches with furniture, golf bags and sporting memorabilia.

Pro Builds Underground Golf Simulator In His Garden

The result is incredible.

Justin says he uses the simulator studio almost every day, not only for golf simulation but for entertaining friends, watching movies or sports, and playing video games.

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“As a coach, having the ability to back up what you are saying with accurate data is so important to help clients see the changes being made with their swing,” Justin said.

“Not only is the shed an amazing space for family and friends, it’s actually increased the value of the house by more than it cost me – so I’ll have made money from it!

“The space is great for the children. They love being able to use it when their friends come around, and it means they aren’t making noise in the house!

Pro Builds Underground Golf Simulator In His Garden

“The simulator is fantastic; I’d find it hard to stop hitting balls if it wasn’t for my 2-year-old always wanting to have a go himself!”

Amazing work Justin. We’re not jealous at all…