Revamp of Golf Foundation Brooch Competition

Golf Foundation Brooch Competition are helping girls that are new to golf

Girls Golf

Golf Clubs up and down the country who hold the annual “Brooch Competition” run by the Golf Foundation are now helping girls that are new to golf. By James Taylor

Revamp of Golf Foundation Brooch Competition

Various ladies golf clubs/sections team up every year with the golf charity to stage a competition fundraiser were the final prize is a Links of London, brooch created exclusively for the Golf Foundation.

The Golf Foundation’s main aim is to make golf and its benefits available to any young person, therefore getting them to ‘Start, Learn and Stay’ in the sport through its HSBC Golf Roots programme.

Since 2011 HSBC Golf Roots who also support England Golf, Scottish Golf and Golf Development has introduced around 2,5 million young people to the sport across the UK.

This year will be the first year were the money raised from the competition will go solely on helping more girls to enjoy golf and also giving them the offer of Skills for Life, a Game for Life and a Healthy Life.

In previous years the money made from the competition went completely on the Brooch and not on the competitors future in golf.

Girls Golf

Stacey Mitchell who leads the girls development and who is also the officer for Golf Foundation Regional Development, stated:

“The Brooch Competition is a great tradition in clubs and remains very popular with many, so we really wanted to continue with this,

"By putting all the money raised into girls’ golf projects exclusively in 2016 we now hope this will fire the imagination of more women in our golf clubs, encouraging them to put something back into the game and support the next generation of girl players.”

Every British Golf Club will be informed of the ‘Brooch Competition’ and they will be encouraged to support the girl’s golf development by holding their own event in the summer.

Stacey added: “All funds will be spent carefully as part of a major effort by the Golf Foundation to welcome more girls into the sport, so we really do need the support of women golfers to help this important participation drive.”

An example would be ‘Girls Golf Rocks’ were chosen county squad players encourage and help new young girls that are starting up golf at their chosen golf clubs, England Golf is a joint partnership as well.

Girls Golf Rocks are now improving and expanding this year as they set to take on 8 different Counties in the UK on the back of creating 20 new regular players last year.

In partnership with Belton Woods Golf Club, a ‘Girl Guides Golf’ project in the South Lincs will see 10 different groups of girls will receive a taster before they go out onto the course to play in team competitions in May. It will all consist of various skill challenges, competitions, fun activities but mainly focuses on the Skills for Life.

Every Golf Club that supports the Brooch Competition regularly will receive their Brooch Prize in the spring. A minimum of £35 is required for Golf Clubs to donate which covers the cost of the Brooch Prize. If Clubs are interested they can call 01992 449830 for more in formation.


* To learn more about the Golf Foundation call 01992 449830 or see

* For media information on the Golf Foundation, call Ben Evans on 01747 820384 or 07789 722853.

 * The Golf Foundation is a British charity dedicated to making the game more accessible for young people and helping them to ‘Start, Learn and Stay’ in golf.

* The Golf Foundation achieves these objectives through a network of regional development officers helping clubs, schools and community groups, and by working in partnership with the golfing bodies in England, Scotland and Wales.

* The Golf Foundation supports youngsters from many different backgrounds through its national programme, HSBC Golf Roots. HSBC Golf Roots is supported by The R&A, headline sponsor HSBC, The European Tour, the Professional Golfers’ Association, the Ryder Cup, England Golf, Sport England and the British Golf Industry Association’s ‘Grow Golf’ Fund.


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