Can Denise Van Outen Break 100?

The UK presenter and performer wants to get more women into golf

Presenter and performer Denise Van Outen wants to grow the game of golf for women and has begun a challenge to break 100

UK stage and screen star Denise van Outen headed out to Las Colinas Golf & Country Club last month to make her first acquaintance with the championship course on Spain’s Costa Blanca that will act as her base for her quest to break 100.

She relaxed in one of the luxury villas on-site at Spain’s leading Villa Resort.

Denise is keen to grow the game: “I want to make golf more popular with women. I’d love to do a TV show eventually, introducing golf to a generation of women.”

“To be at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is amazing, because there’s the game that I love. But even if you don’t play golf but someone in your family does, to come here is still perfect because you still get to enjoy the clubhouse, the beach club and the great sushi. Then there are the surroundings: very calm, very quiet, very private. It’s lovely.

“I know I could have family members here and happily go off and play golf and know that the villa is lovely and clean, safe, and the security is tight. The clubhouse is lovely, the people are friendly…it’s a dream place. I’d love to have a house here and be one of the regulars.”

Denise Van Outen

Denise may want to tinker her baseball grip if she is to break 100

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is located south of popular tourist destination Alicante in 330 hectares of stunning woodland on the Mediterranean coast.

Since its opening in 2010, the resort has become a real hit with international holiday makers and second home owners seeking a property in a resort that offers something for everyone.

Las Colinas has received widespread praise from the industry having been named as Spain’s Leading Villa Resort and home to Spain’s Best Golf Course by the World Travel Awards and World Golf Awards 2015.