Masters Gnomes Seen On Sale At Almost 50 Times Their Original Price

Demand for the sought-after garden ornaments shows no signs of waning, even weeks after the 2024 Major

A patron carries a gnome at The Masters
Gnomes were one of the most sought-after gifts at The Masters
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Since its first appearance in 2016, the humble Masters garden gnome has become one of the most sought-after items in Augusta National’s gift shops.

That was no different at this year’s event, either. As ever, the gnome had a new outfit in 2024, meaning it was unique to the latest edition of the Major and, predictably, it wasn’t long before they were disappearing from the shelves, with the gnomes selling out within an hour of the 7am opening time.

Because of the unique nature of each year’s version of the gnome, it’s hardly surprising that they’ve become a hot item on secondary markets, and the 2016 version has even been seen advertised online for thousands of dollars.

That already applies to the latest gnome, too. The 2024 edition of the gnome cost patrons lucky enough to get one at the tournament $49.50, while a smaller gnome was available for $39. 

However, as first reported by, that is a small change compared to the prices the gnomes are being listed for on eBay, with one full-sized gnome available for $2,400 - almost 50 times its original price. Meanwhile, others are being offered for not much less, in the region of $2,000.

Other sellers aren’t seeking quite as much of a return on their purchases, with 2024 gnomes in brand-new, boxed condition typically selling for between $400 and $500. However, even at those prices, it demonstrates why Augusta National, clearly aware of their popularity, was keen to impose a one-per-customer rule on patrons hoping to bag a gnome during the tournament.

Augusta National's annual take on the popular bearded garden ornament still has some way to go before it's as ubiquitous with The Masters as Green Jackets and pimento cheese sandwiches, but the allure of the gnomes is only increasing. At this rate, it could be an all-out buying frenzy by the time the 2025 edition rolls around. 

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