LIV Golf Introduces New Scoring Procedure At Chicago Event

The league has never been afraid to move away from convention, with their new scorecard signing process being introduced in Chicago

A players signs a scorecard at a LIV Golf event
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Never afraid to divert from the sport’s traditional past, LIV Golf has made yet another significant change to its rules by ditching the scoring tent.

While each player in every other field in world golf would return to a private building to sign and verify their final score, the PIF-backed tour announced on Friday that all of its players will sign their cards immediately after their round on whichever green they finish - necessary due to LIV Golf’s shotgun start - prior to being taken back to the clubhouse in carts.

In previous LIV events, everyone had returned to the scoring tent by the 18th green to sign, unless they ended their round in the traditional place - in which case, they would have signed there and then.

LIV bosses say the alteration will take scoring verification time down from an average of 20 minutes to just three.

And the change, which kicked off at LIV Golf Chicago, has been well received by the breakaway tour’s participants. Speaking to LIV Golf’s media team, HyFlyers GC’s Cameron Tringale said: “I think it’s cool. With the format and the shotgun, you’re finished. You’re officially done sooner without the drive back to scoring. You can get to practice, get on with your night, treatment – whatever you need to do. I just think it solidifies everything sooner, which is good.”

LIV say scoring support ambassadors - who follow each group and verify scores - will collect cards from all 48 participants while players will be able to consult the rules committee prior to signing if they believe there to be an issue.

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Binning the traditional scoring tent at the end of a round is the latest significant alteration made by LIV Golf in a bid to speed up and modernise the sport.

One of several other notable changes made by the League arrived early in 2022, when Greg Norman announced his Tour would be the first to allow players to wear shorts in competition play.

The wardrobe switch added to events lasting just three rounds instead of four and players forming part of four-man teams to stage both group and individual tournaments.

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