How To Survive The Mother Of All Sporting Sundays

Here are seven top tips to make sure you get the most out of Sunday's blockbuster day of sport

How To Survive The Mother Of All Sporting Sundays
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Sports fans rejoice as this Sunday you will be treated to one of those truly unmissable days of action that only come around a handful of times a year. And for golfers, it all reaches a crescendo with the final round of The Masters, as one player will prevail above all else and slip on the iconic Green Jacket

With 18 hours of epic live action, starting with the Australian GP at 6am and finishing at the picturesque Augusta National - with a Man City v Liverpool title-decider sandwiched in between - Sky Sports has teamed up with sports scientist, John Mulcahy, to produce the ultimate Survival Guide ensuring fans don’t miss a thing.

1. Planning

Behind all great performances is a great plan - every team and athlete will have one for Sunday, and TV viewers can do the same. When people experience positive social interactions, they are more likely to feel a sense of belonging. Picking the right teammates for Sunday is vital to enjoy those big sporting moments together.

TOP TIP: Pre-empt when distractions will occur and factor those in around the action. Will you need to take the dog for a walk or get a few chores done? Make sure you strategically allocate time in advance to avoid interruption, and involve viewing partners - friends or family - in all your planning. 

2. Environment

Keeping your concentration will be key to enjoying the Sunday Special as the excitement of a full day of live sport can take its toll - a risk as the final putts are holed at Augusta National in the early morning!

TOP TIP: It’s vital you make sure the front room remains relatively cool (approx 18 °C) and opening windows at least once an hour is advised.

Tiger Woods at the 2022 Masters

Could Tiger pull off the impossible? You wouldn't want to miss it because you've fallen asleep!

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3. Sleep planning

Studies show that fewer than eight hours sleep can result in up to a 10% decrease in focus. Getting a solid rest is essential to maximising your chances of watching the Sunday Special in its entirety and not missing a key moment.

TOP TIP: Make sure it’s lights out one hour earlier on the days leading up to Sunday, so you don’t miss the start of the Melbourne GP. Likewise push bedtime back an hour if you want to see the conclusion of The Masters.

4. Nutrition

The key is to eat a combination of high quality carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This will allow energy to be released evenly over a period of hours meaning you feel fuller for longer. No unnecessary trips to the kitchen.

TOP TIP: Avoid fried food and all high-sugar snacks, which can result in a sugar-crash.

5. Hydration

Staying hydrated is a must if you are to maintain concentration and focus; drink between 2 and 2.5 litres of fluids.

TOP TIP: Too much alcohol is a no-go. Alcohol is a depressant, which increases your chances of falling asleep as the evening goes on.

6. Hydration and activity

The action during the Sunday Special will surely keep you jumping out of your seat but remember to stand regularly throughout the day to fend off the drowsiness and keep your blood circulation pumping.

TOP TIP: Make sure you stand up regularly, our expert recommends once an hour.

7. Stress and relaxation

Research carried out at the University of Oxford has shown a spike in the stress hormone cortisol amongst some football fans while they watch their team. One solution to subduing those stress levels is yoga, which is scientifically proven to reduce cortisol levels... go on, give it a go

TOP TIP: Try 5-10 minutes of gentle stretching at periods throughout the day to reduce stress.

Sky Sports’ Sunday Special is the ultimate day for sports fans with 18 hours of epic live action - featuring blockbuster events in The Premier League, Formula 1, the finale of The Masters and more. Watch it all live on Sky Sports.

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