You can't turn up to a golf course without a tee time

How To Book Tee Times After Lockdown

Golf courses are open across the UK, barring Scotland where the date for re-opening is hoped to be 29th May.

The game is slightly different post-lockdown with a number of restrictions in place like the fact that clubhouses are closed, flagsticks can’t be touched and things like rakes in bunkers, ball washers and benches have all been removed or placed out of use.

One crucial difference now in the UK is that you cannot turn up to the club without a tee time, where previously with casual games and roll ups you could arrive at the course and head out when it is quiet.

This is in part so golf clubs can manage contact tracing if there is a Covid-19 outbreak.

Golfers are itching for a game but, aside from in Northern Ireland where three-balls are permitted, only two-balls are allowed* so courses are very busy with limited tee times available.

*Note: some clubs will allow fourballs but only if they’re made up of one household.

So, how do you book a tee time?

After the announcement that Coronavirus lockdown measures were being relaxed and courses could open, clubs across the UK all worked hard behind the scenes to ensure their online booking system was capable of managing the traffic it would receive.

There was an initial crash and log-jam but, and perhaps this is one good thing to come out of this pandemic for golf, clubs all now have booking systems in place.

If you’re a member of a golf club, you can book via your club’s online portal or ring up the pro shop or manager who will make the booking for you.

Be careful to not go over your allowance, as some clubs are only allowing members to play two or three times a week at the moment with 500-odd members all wanting a game.

If you’re not a golf club member then you may struggle to book a round at the moment, especially if there are lots of private clubs in your area.

That’s because whilst golfers are only allowed in two-balls, many private clubs are not allowing guests or visitors as there simply isn’t room for them with all the members wanting to get out in twos.

However, public courses are open for visitors and they’ll either have a booking system on their websites or you can ring up their pro shop or manager’s office.

Another great way to book in a game is online via the GolfNow website, which has plenty of tee times all across the UK that can be easily purchased.

Tee times on GolfNow are usually very reasonable, especially on the Hot Deals section.

Once you’ve got your tee time, just remember to arrive at the course no more than 15 minutes before you’re scheduled to tee off and leave as soon as you’ve completed your round.

Happy golfing!

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