High School Golfer Hits Three Aces At Same Hole In One Day

Colin Bobowski achieved the extraordinary feat at Aston Oaks Golf Club in Ohio

Close-up of a club hitting a ball off a tee
A high school player hit three aces at the same hole in one day
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Making a hole-in-one is such a rare event that many never achieve it in a lifetime. However, one player who won’t need to worry about whether it will ever happen to him is high school golfer Colin Bobowski. That’s because he hit an ace three times on the same hole in one day!

The achievement was a little unconventional, because Bobowski spent the entire day playing tee shots from the same 145-yard hole as part of a VFW golf outing at Aston Oaks in Ohio. Nevertheless, it’s still remarkable, even if he had many attempts on the par-3 in his role as a “celebrity” hitter, playing shots from the tee that groups could use.

To put into context just how incredible Bobowski's feat was, take the example of DP World Tour pro Robert MacIntyre. Back in December, the Scot took on the Tour’s epic hole-in-one challenge, which saw him tasked with trying to hit an ace at the same hole within 500 attempts.

MacIntyre achieved a hole-in-one at the 103rd time of asking, which stacked up well against previous pros who have taken on the challenge, including Andy Sullivan, who took 230 attempts to complete it in 2019.

Adding even more context to the scale of Bobowski’s efforts is the fact that Edoardo Molinari, Brandon Stone and Thomas Pieters have taken on the challenge too, and all came up short.

The La Salle High School player explained his disbelief of events to NBC 5 Cincinnati: "Once I got the third time, it was just like, 'What is happening?' I was questioning if everything was pushing towards, or if something was helping me. But it was definitely a lot of shock and happiness."

Bobowski’s achievement has echoes of another extraordinary hole-in-one story that emerged recently, where two pros in a Clutch Pro Tour event hit successive aces at Tandridge Golf Club in England.

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