The England striker somehow missed out on a hole-in-one


Harry Kane Comes Agonisingly Close To Hole-In-One

England and Tottenham striker Harry Kane isn’t just a good footballer.

He plays off of low single figures and showed off pictures on social media of some bad luck during a round of golf.

The Englishman came agonisingly close to making a hole-in-one, with his ball pitching right on the edge of the cup and finishing less than a foot away for the easiest of birdies.

He tweeted these pictures with the caption – “Is it possible to come any closer!? #holeinone”

Last year, Kane did something that most golfers will never achieve in their lifetimes by shooting a round under par.

The England ace shot a one under par round of 71 at The Grove.

Kane began playing golf aged 16 and by the sounds of it is obsessed with the game.

“Whenever I can get the time, I’ll go to the course for a game,” he told the Express.

“It’s probably not the best for my relationship as I don’t actually get many days off.

“My perfect Sunday would involve… having an early game of golf, then going for a long walk with my family and my two labradors.

“Then I’d come home, have a barbecue and watch the NFL and the golf.”

He plays most of his golf at the Centurion Club in Hertfordshire.

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