Golf Foundation: Help young golfers get a start

Join the Golf Monthly team and text 'Golf19 £2' to 70070 and help young golfers get a start

Golf Foundation

Golf Monthly has joined forces with the Golf Foundation to launch 'Golf19' - an easy way for golfers to put something back into the game and help the development of junior golf in the UK.

When junior golf charity the Golf Foundation asks adult golfers if they would be happy to pay just £2 to support the next generation of young golfers, the answer is always 'Of course!' Everyone wants to help as many children and young people as possible get their start in golf, and have the chance to enjoy the game we all love.

However, collecting £2 from every adult golfer has proved a difficult logistical problem. The launch of the 'Golf19' campaign aims to change that at a single stroke.

Text 'GOLF19 £2' to 70070 and help young golfers get a start in the game

All golfers can simply text 'Golf19 £2' to 70070 and all the money goes direct to the Golf Foundation. It's completely secure, you will receive a confirmation text when you make the donation and see a £2 charge next to the 70070 number on your next mobile phone bill.

It's time to support the next generation of golfers. Your donation doesn't have to be limited to £2 you can text 'Golf19 £5' or text 'Golf19 £10' to 70070 if you want to go the extra mile and really help golf grow.

How Golf19 will make a difference

The importance of Golf19 is huge. Through its national programme, HSBC Golf Roots, the Golf Foundation is a national charity striving to make golf more accessible to many more youngsters. You can read about some of their work in the panel (right).

Its committed team of regional development officers have worked tirelessly with schools, communities and golf clubs to increase participation. The results have been staggering with superb levels of growth in school golf and excellent links developing between schools and clubs.

The Golf Monthly team recognises the importance of initiatives like this in growing the game and is excited by the potential of the Golf19 project to raise thousands of pounds for an excellent cause.

What your £2 will do

A small contribution from each GM reader could help raise...

£3,000,000 raised would enable the Golf Foundation to take golf to one million children £5,000 raised would pay for a major inner-city project targeted at 'hard to reach' youngsters £500 raised would pay for a club-based junior development project £100 raised would pay for 20 young volunteers to be trained on how to run a festival for children £20 raised would pay for a teacher to be trained on how to deliver a golf activity on a school site £2 is all you are being asked to contribute to this fantastic cause

Text 'GOLF19 £2' to 70070 and help young golfers get a start in the game

Thanks for your support.

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