We take an in-depth look at FootJoy's newest golf shoe franchise, the HyperFlex

The FootJoy Hyperflex golf shoe represents a new franchise for the number one shoe in golf, and one characterised by progressive design and vibrant colour schemes.

FJ designers drew inspiration from architecture, particularly the Leonard P. Zakin Bunker Hill bridge in Boston, to produce a new FlexGrid upper that provides comfort, as well as support, stability and waterproof characteristics.

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This exoskeleton – which hasn’t been used before in golf shoes – is strong enough to keep the foot from rolling laterally during the golf swing while also allowing it to flex.

This is supported by a lightweight, soft, flexible waterproof mesh, which provides breathability, airflow and flexibility.

See some images of the FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe below…

FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe

The FJ HyperFlex comes with an FlexGrid Upper inspired by civil engineering. It provides comfort, stability and support, as well as being waterproof.


FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoeIn addition, FineTunedFoam 2.0 provides the exceptionally comfortable midsole cushioning FootJoy fans will know from its D.N.A. golf shoe


FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe

The HyperFlex FitBed adds more cushioning, while placement of silicone ink on the insole helps keep the foot secure to stop slipping and friction whilst golfers are walking

FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe

A close up of the new FlexGrid upper

FootJoy Hyperflex


There are six colour schemes to choose from, including Navy/Lime, White/Light and Charcoal/Orange

FootJoy HyperFlex

The FootJoy HyperFlex golf shoe is available with the BOA system, where twisting the dial (above) tightens laces.

“Our designers have carried out research in civil engineering and construction to create the distinguishing aesthetics of HyperFlex which are also fundamental to its performance,” said Doug Robinson, FootJoy vice president of 
design and development.

It will be available to purchase in March 2015 with an RRP of £135 (£150 with BOA).