When news broke that Titleist was launching a new series of Scotty Cameron Studio Select putters, I was the only member of the Golf Monthly team not brimming with excitement.

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For me, Scotty Cameron putters have always represented something painfully unattainable. Their classic shapes and light-weight feel, help good putter’s refine their game on the greens but for me and my distinctly second rate putting game they only seemed to enhance my already high, twitch potential. Quite simply, Scotty Cameron putters have always been too good for me.

However, when the latest range arrived in GM Towers I spotted a model that I felt even I might be able to use. The Newport Squareback has, as the name suggests a square back. When I put this on the ground it offered immediate, clear feedback as to how I was aligned. As short putting has always been my nemesis I felt the Squareback was worth taking to the course.

Having used the Squareback for the last three weeks I can say with conviction that it’s made a genuinely positive difference to my game. In my hands, the square head promotes a straight back and through stroke (no mean feat). What’s more, I’ve gained the benefit of the feel from such soft steel. Whilst I’m not a big fan of the thin red grip, the other performance benefits more than make up for that.

So if you’ve always looked at Titleist’s Scotty Cameron Studio Select putters through jealous eyes, I suggest you take a peek at the Newport Squareback. It may not look quite as classic as the other anser-shape models and at £210, it’s certainly not cheap but take it from me, it has just about the best feel of any putter I’ve tested!