Ping Tour-W wedges

Jackson Almond, who plays off a handicap of five, gives his verdict on his wedges - the Ping Tour-W. Read Jackson's blog and discover whether this is a club that might suit your golf game.

Ping Tour-W wedge

“If you seriously want to improve your scoring, then concentrate on 100 yards and in…not blasting the ball 300 yards!”

Having lost count of the amount of times that I had heard this from my local professional, I conceded that there might be an element of truth to it and reluctantly parted company with my trusty, yet rusty and worn-down wedges.

Whilst looking for a replacement, the Ping Tour-W was an obvious choice. With its classic looks and versatility around the greens, it is clear to see why the Tour-W is trusted by thousands of professionals and amateurs alike. Likewise, the latest offering from Ping is available in a range of loft, bounce and finish options, making it adaptable to the needs of different players and different conditions.

Initially, I bought a 54-degree wedge to bridge the gap between my current pitching and sand wedge. The low bounce on the sole of the club ensured a clean, crisp strike from tight lies whilst the deep grooves provided spin and control unlike any other wedge on the market.

Shortly after, I purchased the 58-degree model and opted for a slightly higher bounce on the sole of the club. This helped to slide the club underneath the ball when escaping from bunkers and thick rough, yet unlike many other wedges, did not reduce playability from the fairway or fringe. Again, the result was accurate shots and lower scores.

If I was to criticise the Tour-W, then some golfers might find it slightly heavy. However, I found that these negatives were far outweighed by the consistency and forgiveness that resulted.


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