Benross VX-Di £29.99(s) £34.99(g)

Design and Tech Benefits
Driving irons tend to have an uneasy relationship with the eye and this one isn’t really any different. Having said that, its chunky head should give higher handicappers confidence of delivering a healthy blow that flies high. The VX-Di has an expanded sweetspot for greater forgiveness and more accuracy off the tee. The head is also far thicker than an average long iron, giving a powerful and confidence boosting punch to the back of the ball for important extra yards.

Produces a lower, stronger flight than the average fairway wood and it’s easy to shape the ball. Once you?ve got the hang of it, a driving iron could be the key to picking out more fairways and this Benross VX-Di has all the attributes you?d want. What?s more the £34.99 price tag is appealing.
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