Nike SasQuatch 460 – £249-279 (g)

Design and Tech Benefits
Black 460cc titanium head with rear grey ?Powerbow? section. New head shape claims to reconfigure the ratio between clubface width and clubhead depth for a larger, more forgiving sweetspot. The head?s rear Powerbow generates a deeper trailing mass making it easier to get the ball up and away on line. The NexTi face is said to be thinner, stronger and lighter than standard titanium for hotter performance.

R/H and L/H 9.5 deg or 10.5 deg plus R/H only Lucky 13 deg. Senior, regular, stiff or Xstiff flex. 2008-compliant.

The Powerbow appears heel-biased which somehow encouraged a desirable, slightly inside takeaway. Off a slightly shallower tee than normal we enjoyed a really solid feel at impact. Quite long, though perhaps just a few too many lowish flyers.

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