Nike Method Concept mid-Mallet putter introduced

Nike Method Concept putter introduced by Nike Golf, a mid-Mallet putter

Nike Method putter

Nike has expanded its Nike Golf Method putter range by introducing its new Nike Method Concept putter.

The new Nike Method Concept mid-Mallet putter was inspired by the notion of the Concept car, Nike's designers creating an iconic shape without sacrificing the game-changing performance that Nike Method technology delivers. 

Golfers should discover a putter that delivers a smoother stroke and a truer roll with far less skid.

The appearance of the Nike Method Concept mid-Mallet putter is more like a blade, yet it plays like a mallet.

Nike's bold red front and the strong black back design should appeal to those who are looking for ways to bring a

new level of confidence to the putting green.

The Nike Method Concept mid-Mallet putter will be available from February, 2012 and Golf Monthly will have more news of the release, plus reviews both online and in a future issue of Golf Monthly magazine.

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