Callaway Golf has revamped its golf ball line-up with the addition of three Speed Regime Golf Ball models.

The new tour-level line is specifically engineered to match golfers’ idiosyncratic swing speeds to increase distance and spin.

The three Speed Regime golf balls – the SR1, SR2 and SR3 – create optimum spin separation for longer drives whilst maintaining feel around the greens.

Callaway have engineered the three golf-ball lines to match three common swing-speed categories: 90mph and below (SR1), 90-105mph (SR2) and 105mph and above (SR3).

This distinct separation is designed to give golfers the opportunity to custom fit the Speed Regime ball best suited to their games.

The new balls feature a proprietary soft cover and a trademark HEX pattern, designed to optimise aerodynamics and produce a more penetrative ball flight.

“If you’re not playing a tour ball that’s been engineered and fitted to your swing speed, you are giving up significant performance,” said Dave Bartels, Callaway’s Senior Director of Golf Ball Research and Development.

“By individualising the performance of golf balls, meeting the specific requirements of different types of golfer, Speed Regime offers total performance to help lower scores.”

SR1 is a four-piece golf ball, while SR2 and SR3 are five-piece balls with a thin outer mantle to reduce driver spin.

A soft inner core reduces driver spin across the line for improved distance, while a firm outer core helps generate increased spin from short irons and wedges.

“Whilst the Speed Regime concept seems simplistic in nature, our R&D team have worked tirelessly to produce a range of golf balls that will truly benefit all amateur and professional golfers,” added Neil Howie, President and Managing Director or Callaway EMEA.

“Callaway has been built on the premise of creating products that enhance the enjoyment of golfers’ games and the SR golf balls will do exactly that.”

Callaway’s Speed Regime balls will be available from January 31 with a RRP of £39.99 per dozen.