This Is How 35 Billion Data Points Can Bring Your Handicap Down...

Arccos Golf has now collected more than 35 billion data points on course, this is how members handicaps have come tumbling down...

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This Is How 35 Billion Data Points Can Bring Your Handicap Down...

Big data and Artificial Intelligence are no longer scary words to golfers. Whether it's through TV coverage, more accessible tech or a more tech savvy population, it seems as though data and analytics have been warmly accepting into golf's community. That acceptance is best seen through the work of Arccos Golf, which has just surged through the 35 billion on-course data point mark. 

These 35 billion data points include 500 million golf shots recorded during nine million rounds from 44,000 courses across 163 countries. It's the industry's richest data set and with it Arccos has been able to share some insight into how data-led golf has helped its members. 

Arccos Caddie automatically tracks shots while delivering in-round insights and post-round Strokes Gained Analytics. The system includes the world’s first A.I.-powered rangefinder, smart club distances and caddie advice for every golf hole on earth. Golfers have been using this data to play smarter golf with much more awareness of the strengths and weaknesses in their game. 

There are some seriously impressive stats when it comes to how well Arccos members have improved since using the technology. Using the data collected by their Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors new Arccos members who played at least 10 round lowered their handicaps by an average of 5.78 strokes and were five times more likely to record a hole-in-one than non-members. 

Table of handicap decrease for Arccos members

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Notably, this increase was seen across all skill level and not just high handicappers suddenly dropping down. The most interesting stat arguably comes in the 0-5 handicap range, where improvements in handicap were 2.14 shots after 10 rounds and 2.65 shots after 20. 

Arccos also saw its members spend 478 million minutes (8 million hours) logged into the app and 332,000 days using Arccos’ personalised Strokes Gained Analytics to assess their rounds and chart their path to improvement. Arccos will now be able to use these 35 billion data points to improve its A.I data even more and help even more golfers quickly and effectively drop their handicap. 

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