What's Your Longest Iron In The Bag?

The GM forum explains what the longest iron is in their bag...

Longest Iron in your bag

The GM forum explains what is the longest iron in their bag...

What’s your longest iron in the bag?

Once upon a time we all used to buy sets that generally began with a 3-iron and we might even accompany the bag with something longer in the irons.

These days everything is very different from the way that we buy clubs to the lofts and the other options available eg hybrids and more lofted fairway woods that, for many of us, leave us viewing our longest irons with plenty of suspicion.

This is what’s in our forum members’ bags, in descending order of heroism…

What’s your longest iron in the bag?

7 The six iron I couldn't hit any further than the seven. My five iron I couldn't hit it full stop. So they both live in the cupboard, replaced by hybrids. I figured it was a combination of very strong lofts (26° on the six iron, 23° I think on the five) and my swing not being the fastest - hybrids much easier to launch and go the distance required. Weirdly though I can hit the seven iron fine, pretty much. Odd that the six iron was that much more difficult just for 4° loft difference and a quarter of an inch longer or whatever. Orikoru

7 iron, 32° loft apparently. Similar to Orikoru, couldn't hit a 5 iron, 6 iron was going no further than the 7 and less consistently. I've replaced the 6 with a 23° hydrid which goes very nicely. I do have a bit of a gap between the 7 and hybrid but I can live with it. No intention of putting longer irons back in the bag, been there and done it. Lord Tyrion

7 iron - followed by hybrids 31/27/23 then on to woods 7/5/3. rosecott

7i 30degree. then a 6H - also 30degree but about 15 yards longer. Beedee

I am comfortable up to a 7 iron, then its out with the 5 or 3 hybrid which for me give much more consistency. CrapshotUK

6 I'm not religious man per se, but when I'm 195 yards out and looking down at an iffy lie in the semi rough, I bless myself and thank the good lord for my hybrid - 6 iron longest (5 iron loft really). garyinderry

6i for me. I have a 5i which I struggle to hit for some strange reason and so it stays in the cupboard. timd77

I have 6 which gets used a lot and then I have a 4 which is used for very low shots in to the wind for example where the 6 will not make it and the rescue flies to high. jim8flog

6i, though I have only used it once in the last 3 or more rounds! Replaced 5i with 27* hybrid a couple of years ago. Simply so much more reliable. Still happy to hit 2W off the tee (or deck if lie allows) though. Foxholer

This season I took the 4 & 5 irons out of bag because they were only being used for occasional tee shots. Longest is therefore 6, before 4 & 5 hybrids. Only currently carry 12 clubs, and can't say i have missed those irons. When the ground has been rock hard have thought about putting 4 iron back in for odd tee shot, but haven't done so far. dronfield

6 iron at the moment. I have a 5, but I don’t reliably hit it as cleanly and therefore it doesn’t go any further than my 6 iron. I use a 3, 4, 5 hybrid instead and they all go pretty nicely. If it’s windy I’ll sometimes swap in and take the 5 off the tee for longer par 3s rather than a hybrid, but it doesn’t come out often. FourPutt

6 iron for full shots, I have a 5 iron but I mainly use it for low punch shots out of trees. If I need a 5 iron distance shot I tend to hit a 3/4 5 hybrid instead. Beezerk

5 I'm on a journey. Never used to carry woods, and had 1 iron through lob wedge. Dropped the 1 and 2 when i bought woods in the late 90's. Always carried a 3 and 4 until changed clubs last year, but with the stronger lofts in my recent purchase, 5 is now my longest iron, and it goes 195. Allows me more variation with the wedges, which I am enjoying. Canfordhacker

When I bought my latest set, I was going to get a 4 but went with extra wedge. I wasn't sure an our pro said, I am so sure you'll be using that wedge more than a 4 iron, if you disagree, I'll pay for the 4 iron myself. Two years later, he hasn’t had to order the 4 iron IanM

5 iron, 3 crossover but that doesn’t really count ! If I were to use my Mizuno TP18s I would have the 3 iron in the bag … Oh and I have an MX200 4 and 5 iron in the garage .. should see how that compares as a 4hybrid replacement (as that is a struggle at the moment) harpo_72

5 and 6. I had the length of the 5 iron cut to same as the 6 iron, means the 5 flies further rolls farther than the 6 and hitting the 5 is as easy as hitting the 6. Slab

5 Iron on my Callaway XR as the loft is so strong (23°) that is so strong that I didn't see the point in getting the 4 iron at 20.5°. I don't use it that often, mainly due to the way our course plays, but I do like to use it and there is a great satisfaction from a well hit iron. Robster59

5 iron, but am currently contemplating replacing it with a hybrid.. slowhand

5 iron but it’s Taylor Made so probably the same loft as Bob’s 1 iron (see below) davidy233

Haven't had a 4 iron in the bag for 15 years or more....and most amateurs probably don't need a 4 iron either..in my opinion... Imurg

4 I just about still have the clubhead speed to get it to fly high enough. Although it has the loft of a traditional 3 iron the head design and graphite shaft make it easy to hit. I can't use hybrids, hit them too high. Into the wind I'd rather grip down on a 3 wood to control the height. Maninblack4612

4 iron, for hitting out under trees - 7 iron is the main iron as I am not consistent with 6/5/4/3/2 irons that are in the shed (then I have 9/7/5/3 woods). DRW

4. I'm on the limit with it though. Hit it well and it gaps properly but sometimes it only goes a few yards further than my 5. It does give me a club to hit low punches with and is one of my most used clubs when I have to manufacture a shot though. benjo09

I have a 24 degree 4 iron that I swap out for a 60 degree wedge when conditions dictate.. I did have a 2 iron but found the distance control a bit difficult as it just wouldn't stop running. Use a 3 hybrid now instead that flights a little better for me. bluewolf

Longest iron is probably a thinned layup with a 7 iron. I can hit those miles. Usually into the trouble I’m laying up to avoid. Otherwise it’s a 4. Jimaroid

4 iron which I carry around 190-195 I believe, but really need to get a 3 or a 2 in the bag as my next club is a 3 hybrid, and the difference between that and my 4i is about 30 yards carry. Lilyhawk

I have 4 iron at 23 degrees. I used to have a 2 iron thing that was 18 deg and loved it too but got the shaft pured and fell out with it. JT77

4. And when I catch it properly...it's a really good feeling!! I would love to think I was good enough to have a 1/2/& 3 iron in the bag. Yorkshire Hacker

4i is the longest in my set, at 21.5º. Just bought an 18º driving iron, so I'll call that a 3 iron... ish! hairball_89

4-iron, but it’s strong lofted at 18.5 degrees. It’s a pity they don’t make a 3-iron in the range (Ping G700) as I would have bought that. GG26

4 iron atm, 2 iron is too hot when fairways start to bake. Lump

3 Titliest 718 t-mb 3 iron. Easiest 3 iron I’ve hit in years. I also have the 4 iron, and thinking of trying to get the full set. Hobbit

I have a 3 and 4 iron - one of the Mizuno hi fli Liverpoolphil

3 iron. It doesn't get used much, not long enough off the tee really, and i'm rarely that sort of range from a green - arguably a longish par 3 is the right sort of time for it, especially being able to use a tee. I have a 3 hybrid, 3 wood and driver which are better options off the tee on par 4s though. JonnyGutteridge

3 iron. 21 degree, I think. So that would be a 4-iron if it were newer. Reason - Because I don't have a 2 (or a 1) with the current set. Voyager EMH

3 iron, occasionally a 2 iron will swap in for the 3 wood if very windy. Whereditgo

A 16 degree 2 Iron. I love hitting it, when it goes well. When it works perfectly (40/50%) it’s the best long club in my bag...a lot of the miscues aren’t horrendous as it is never a three-off-the-tee club ——which my driver most certainly is (despite lessons). I’ve got it set with a low loft shaft and is perfect for low shots that run and run on firm summer fairways evemccc

2 2 iron, unless I swap it out for a hybrid when the ground's wet, in which case it's a 4 iron. Both of which are hollow headed clubs, which inspire confidence, and help to launch the ball. JamesR

Bladed Mizuno MP33 2 iron. It’s a beauty Captainron

I have a 2 iron which is great when it behaves. But my 4 iron is probably my favourite club in the bag. Billysboots

1 Callaway 1 iron, bought it around 4 years ago to play Royal County Down, it's stayed in the bag ever since. It goes about as far as my 5w but not as balloony when there is wind about. I use it off maybe 4-5 tees each week where driver is just too risky. brendy

1, 2, 3 or cleek, depending on which set is in the bag that week. One of my 1930s sets, I'm sure the soles are thinner than the top line of some GI irons. unknown.gif ¬The loft on the 1 iron is 19 degrees to give an idea of how things gave changed.. Crow

1 iron. Do I use it?............not telling you bobmac

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