The revolutionary technology has changed the way golf is viewed on TV and is now changing the driving range experience


What Is Toptracer?

Toptracer has revolutionised the way golf is viewed on TV and it is now revolutionising golfers’ driving range experiences.

A common criticism of the driving range is the act of monotonous ball whacking which can quickly turn boring and isn’t really beneficial to the golfer.

However, with the introduction of Toptracer technology to driving ranges, golfers can now enjoy their practice and make the most of their driving range time by playing games like nearest the pin, longest drives and even teeing it up on an ever increasing number of famous golf courses including the likes of Pebble Beach.

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Simply turn up to your local Toptracer driving range, download the app, sign in and scan the screen to play.

Toptracer allows you to play a number of different games on the driving range

The whole thing was created by Swedish entrepreneur Daniel Forsgren back in 2006, originally known as Protracer prior to Topgolf purchasing and rebranding it in May 2016.

It works by fitting cameras above the bays at the driving range to track the ball and deliver graphics on-screen.

The programme allows guests to monitor every shot they hit, as well as play games and virtual golf, which Toptracer say leads ‘to a more dynamic and fun experience’.

From our time using it, we would have to agree – the long drive contests, nearest the pin challenges and playing Pebble Beach were all great fun, especially in a group, and genuinely do enhance the experience of the driving range.

The coloured lines we see on television broadcasts tracking the golf balls of Tour Pros give a clear view of trajectory and shape of the players’ ball flight as well as their stats like distance and peak height. It’s hard to image watching golf on TV without it now.

We are also hearing that more stats are set to be available soon.

The technology is used by all of the world’s major Tours and has appeared at major events like the Open, Ryder Cup and USPGA Championship.

What’s more, it it even portable for some television broadcasts, so shots can be tracked from the fairway and anywhere in fact, as opposed to just tee shots from a fixed point.

Toptracer say that driving ranges that have adopted the technology have reported substantial revenue increases..

The installation process typically takes just two to four days to complete and includes mounting cameras and in-bay screens.

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