Bingo bango bongo is a game whereby a point is awarded on each hole for each element of the bingo bango bongo.


Bingo bango bongo is a golf betting game whereby a point is awarded on each hole for each individual element of the bingo bango bongo. So three separate points are awarded on each hole. Bingo bango bongo is also sometimes called bingle bangle bungle.

The game can be played by two, three or four players and also in foursomes.

A bingo is awarded to the player who first gets their ball onto the green.

The player whose ball is closest to the pin after each player has played their ball onto the green wins the bango for that hole.

A bongo goes to the player who first holes out.

Some variations award double points on a hole if a player achieves all three parts of the bingo bango bongo.

The way points are awarded can reward the less able golfer. Or certainly give them the first chance at winning many of the points anyway.

As the furthest player from the hole plays first in golf, this gives the player whose drive was the shortest to have the first attempt at winning the bingo on short and medium-length par 4s for instance. Similarly the person who gets the first attempt at a bongo is the player whose ball is in the worst position on the green.

This does give the give the higher handicap players a chance when playing against low handicap players, a way to neutralise the superior player’s skills advantage.

Tactics can come into play when playing bingo bango bongo. Sometimes playing the best shot you can may not be the right move.

For example if the person who plays his approach shot first has made the green but his ball ended a fair distance from the flag, he has now won the bingo. Now what does the next player to play aim to do?

Should he aim for the green or does he lay up to allow him to chip or even putt onto the green from close in so as to give himself the best attempt to win the bango for nearest the pin when all players have played onto the green?