New year, new you? Here's what our forum members are hoping for this new year...


What Golfing New Year’s Resolutions Do You Have For 2021?

Now’s the time to make a little promise to ourselves that things will be better out on the course. New year, new me.

This is how some of our forum members plan to start making fresh strides in the coming 12 months..

Golfing New Year’s Resolutions – what did our forum say?

As always, to lose enough weight until I’m as svelte and athletic as them fellas on the PGA tour. And to get down to low/mid teens handicap. Never happens.

To walk lesser distances to retrieve chucked clubs. And ideally not to have to bother in the first place.

Personally it’s always the old “I’m happy with my bag set-up – don’t think I’ll be buying any clubs for while..”

To chill out about WHS and the loss of integrity with the new system. Calm ……………..

To play a round without a triple bogey (or worse!) on the card.

Firstly, to get a handicap. Which I expect will be around 17/18. Then get it down to the 11/12 range by being able to comfortably shoot in the mid 80s. Secondly, To break 80. And to also get my son comfortable playing a proper course rather than the pitch and putt.

Not to change my putter (I am currently working out which one of four contenders is THE ONE in 2021). Having a solid short game. Get to single figures. Not to buy any more golf shoes.

Play more courses than I did in 2020.

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To go on a golfing holiday…..highly unlikely as the wife will not let that happen.

Play more golf when weather picks up. My son’s at an age now where he does his own thing so definitely be playing more in summer.

Play more golf.

To just enjoy it again. As it stands as a nomad, just taking it for what it is. A walk with the boys and a bit of banter.

To stop messing around with my swing. I want to continue monthly lessons but my best golf has came recently when I’ve stuck to certain positions and just practise those rather than changing based on a feel or video.

Get the ball round my home track in level par…something that in all my years of playing I have never done despite it being something I have been quite capable of doing for some 30 years.

Mine’s not to swear but I can see that lasting until 8.31am on New Year’s Day- I’m teeing off at 8.30.

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