The new brand has just launched a way to help all golfers improve their golf games.

Golfin Launches Unique PGA Professional Coaching Experience

One of the quickest ways for amateurs to see improvement in their golf games is through the coaching and expertise of a PGA Professional. Most people recognise this and yet very few golfers invest in lessons because of a variety of reasons like convenience, time and so on.

Well Golfin have looked to address this by launching a product to deliver great golf coaching in a format that allows golfers to work on their game wherever and whenever they want.

Golfin are a team of PGA Professionals who have launched a new mobile platform for interactive game improvement. Driven by feedback from existing clients and input from golfers who don’t take golf lessons, the team behind Golfin have designed an online coaching system

Golfin Director of Coaching Sam Carr commented; “The whole Golfin team are experienced PGA Professionals and we know that golfers who receive great coaching and take the time to work on their game will improve. But the simple fact is that despite every golfer having frustrations with their game, very few take lessons. We also know that there are a huge number of golfers consuming instruction and game improvement tips online. So we designed the Golfin coaching system to combine the high quality one to one attention of a PGA Professional with the convenience of online instruction – whenever and wherever a golfer wants.”

Three different packages can be purchased depending on the level of input desired. But common to each package is the consultation process. First there is an initial consultation in which goals and targets are laid out. After this the golfer has to simply send a video of their swing to the coaching platform and the coach will reply with a personalised video explaining issues and tips to improve.

Additionally Golfin have designed a free app to track data and act as its own coaching system.

Carr concluded; “We want to connect more golfers with top quality coaching, and have come to the conclusion that if more golfer’s aren’t coming to PGA Pro’s then we need to go to the golfers.“

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