Findings suggest that 17% of golfers are guilty of affairs by saying they are out on the course

17% Use Golf To Hide Infidelity

Now these are some worrying statistics, partners of golfers – look away now!

It has emerged that almost one in five golfers hide their infidelity by saying they are off to play a round.

In a survey of 1,750 men, found that golfers are the third-guiltiest sportsmen when it comes to using the excuse of playing whilst they are having an affair.

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It’s not all bad for golfers though, as rugby players (21%) and footballers (19%) are even worse.

Overall results discovered team peer pressure and increased testosterone levels heighten the likelihood of having an affair.

The survey focused on a sample of men who take part in sport for six hours or more a week. shows who is most at risk of having an affair and what sport is commonly used as an excuse for infidelity.

They further analysed reasons as to why certain sportsmen come top of the cheating scale, compared to those at the bottom.

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Kelly Cambell PHD, claims high levels of testosterone lead men to think they need to have more sex than women do.

Furthermore, Dr Ortiz, assistant professor of sociology at Oregon State University, claims there is a “culture of adultery” among sportsmen, spurred on by fellow players.

With so much time spent away from home, they develop close ties with their team mates, replacing bonds with their families.

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Ortiz highlights how it brings a sense of peer pressure from them; co-existing inside team loyalty, with a heightened sense of self-importance from women who seem “irresistibly attracted to athletes”.

Findings suggest those who are regularly involved in a sport have an easier accessibility to commit an adulterous act.