Check Out Bryson DeChambeau's Insane Stock Yardages Here...

DeChambeau is the longest hitter on the PGA Tour and his stock yardages certainly show that

DeChamebau pulls a club out of his bag
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Since returning from lockdown in 2020, Bryson DeChambeau has dominated the distance table charts on the PGA Tour, averaging 322.1 yards in 2019/20 and 323.7 yards the following year.

The former US Open winner has also gone on to win multiple PGA Tour titles. However, all of the added muscle and weight seems to be slightly catching up with the American, as in 2022, he has withdrawn from two events due to injury.

Although DeChambeau has been suffering, it is highly likely that we will see him competing at the highest level again sooner rather than later, with his relentless work-ethic and dedication making him an interesting watch when competing. 

A recent article, displaying the American's mind-blowing stock yardages can be checked out below:

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One thing worth noting is that all of his irons are seven iron length (37.5 inches to be exact) to ensure he swings the same with every club. As well as having the same length irons, the degrees of his clubs have also been cranked lower.

For example, usually a pitching wedge loft is between 44-47 degrees. With DeChambeau, it is in fact 40, a loft you would normally find in a 9-iron. It's the same the further you go up in the bag, with the American's 7-iron featuring the loft that you would usually find between a 5 and 6-iron. His driver is only 6 degrees as well, around 3-5 degrees lower than what you would normally find on Tour.

Another factor for his distance is obviously DeChambeau's ball speed numbers, which are considerably higher than the average on the PGA Tour. Averaging 202mph with his driver, this is 30mph faster than the Tour's average of 171.31.

His swing is so quick and powerful, that a 4-iron is almost as fast as the average ball speed of a driver on the PGA Tour! Say what you like, but DeChambeau's yardages are extremely impressive, and always something that is spoken about when he competes in events on the PGA Tour!

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