Fighting Back: Rob Smith Golf Blog 8

Rob Smith, Golf Monthly Contributing Editor, continues his golf blog as he looks to improve his game

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Fighting Back: Rob Smith Golf Blog 8

On the first Friday in August I joined several of my GM colleagues at The Grove to prepare an article on the different ways of getting round the course, caddy/buggy/trolly/etc, which will be in the November issue.

It was another chance to see if the guys could spot the changes and there were some very positive signs, especially when I hit my confidence-boosting Ben Ross Hot Speed 7-iron from 160 yards to 4 feet at the penultimate hole for birdie.

The following week I was down in deepest, rolling, rural Wiltshire to prepare a Golfer's Guide. One of the most telling statements on my swing changes so far came from a chum I was with who is an excellent golfer who plays off five at Walton Heath.

I have played golf with him for many years and he identified the tell-tale sign that differentiated my good shots from my bad.

The good ones were when I took the time to prepare and concentrate rather than simply run up to the ball and play before anyone else was watching.

At the lovely hill-top West Wilts I managed 38 points with nine pars, my best score since beginning this exercise.

And at Salisbury and South Wilts I finished with back-to-back birdies, I think for the first time ever.

All very encouraging - and just the tiniest bit frustrating that this progress was about to be halted temporarily (I hope) by our family (hence non-golfing) holiday to Spain.

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