David Fletcher and his friend Malcolm are planning a coast-to-coast charity golf trip, starting in California and finishing in Georgia

By David Fletcher

I suppose it started as a late mid life crisis. My fellow golf club member Malcolm and I were invited to an invitational tournament at The California Golf Club in San Francisco for mid October 2014.  Soon after, our home club announced they had organised a three day trip in the early part of November to the exciting new golf resort of Streamsong just outside Tampa, Florida.

The quandary was which one should we go to?  That’s where the mid life crisis kicked in. “Why don’t we go to both and drive across America in between playing golf to raise money for charity?” we mused.

The seed was therefore sown. The first hurdle we thought we had to overcome was convincing our wives that is was a good idea. As it turned out, there was no hurdle. “Great, when are you going” was the common turn of phrase.  I suppose we were both looking for a slightly higher hurdle to jump if truth be known!

We were therefore off and running, and we had to decide which charity to raise funds for. One of us had already had a brush with prostate cancer so that seemed the obvious choice out of the vast array of good causes.

So we’re now finalising our route, which takes us from San Francisco to Los Angeles then Santa Fe, Tulsa, Birmingham, Alabama and finally dipping our toes in the Atlantic at Sea Island Georgia before heading down to Streamsong.  Eleven rounds of competitive golf at some of the most demanding US courses. How does the charity benefit?  In two ways: firstly, through a just giving link and for those that know us, a competitive golf challenge where we’re  penalised in pounds for not achieving a certain better-ball Stableford score on each of the courses.

Find out more at http://foreweekswithfletcherjones.wordpress.com or, better still, sign up and follow us. For fellow golfers it should be informative and, at times, possibly amusing.