Architect: Colt
2006 position: 4
Stats: 6,673 yds; par 70; SSS 73
GF: £100-£220
T: 01620 842123
W: muirfield.org.uk

Ask anyone who’s played Muirfield what they think of the course and you’ll most likely be rewarded with a studiously considered expression. Not that they haven’t enjoyed the experience. Rather, it’s an instinctive reaction to the high esteem in which they now hold this revered East Lothian links. Only when you get to play here do you begin to fully appreciate why so many pros and other authorities regard it so highly.

Given its slightly intimidating reputation, visitors may get an air of foreboding as they pull up in the car park. But this only lasts until you breach the impressive iron gates, at which point you’ll be made as welcome as anywhere. The clubhouse cleverly blends up-to-date with old school, and the dining room is an experience in itself.

Other British links may have the edge when it comes to stunning settings, but there are few better examples anywhere of a course where you must think so smartly in order to score well. Everything is right in front of you, there are no trick shots or unreasonable demands, and no two holes are the same. The course changes direction constantly, so you’ll need imagination, a shrewd golfing brain and a comprehensive shot repertoire.

The Muirfield folk have at times eyed up the majestic dunes closer to the Firth as potential golfing terrain. But nothing has happened, and that is entirely appropriate, for in some ways it would detract from what Muirfield is. True, getting a game is far from a breeze, and you must go about things the right way. But there is availability, which is clearly indicated on the club’s website. Although it’s pricey mid-season, £100 a round in winter – when the course is still in very good condition – offers great value. Yes, £100 is still a lot for a round of golf – but not for a round of golf at Muirfield. JE

+ Supreme test; always in excellent condition; rarely busy; sensational lunch
– In high season it is expensive and not the easiest place to get a game

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