KBS 1 One Step Putter Shaft

The KBS 1 One Step Putter Shaft has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021.

KBS Tour Shaft
(Image credit: KBS)

The KBS 1 One Step Putter Shaft has been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021.

KBS 1 One Step Putter Shaft

Kim Braly, the master shaft engineer has created another ground-breaking shaft for KBS with the excellent One Step Putter Shaft.

The technology is designed to help improve the feel and accuracy of your putting and we think it definitely achieves this objective.

In looks, it’s as the name would suggest – a one step shaft. Thicker in the top section and quickly tapering down via the single step to the narrow tip section.

It’s available with a matte black PVD finish, as well as a chrome and a glossy black PVD finish.

KBS 1 One Step Putter Shaft

Enhanced Focus

At address, the eyes are drawn more into the ball because of the transition from thick to thin and we felt during testing, that really inspires confidence before you even start your stroke.

Sometimes a different look is enough to trigger a positive change in your putting and the KBS One Step Shaft certainly provides an opportunity for this.

The feel delivered by the One Step Shaft is exceptional. Although the thicker top half makes the bottom section look extremely thin, the reduction in vibration at impact is clearly noticeable.

The feedback is spot on and you know straight away with great certainty how you’ve struck each putt.

Supremely Stable

Weighing in at 130 grams, the balance is excellent, and the putter head stays supremely stable – there’s very little twisting through impact.

It also generates a true roll and promotes great consistency.

The idea behind the shaft was to appeal to all levels of golfer from Tour players to higher handicappers by improving feel and feedback.

We think the One Step Shaft definitely promotes a smooth and confident stroke and it works well with a variety of putter heads and weights. If you’re looking for something new to inspire you on the greens this season, this is well worth a look.

KBS 1 One Step Putter Shaft

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