The Prak-Tis Training Aid is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Prak-Tis Training Aid

Most golfers know how important it is to get the fundamentals right at address, but they can often prove quite hard to self-diagnose and adjust when things go wrong. This is where the Prak-tis range of training aids comes in unbelievably handy, covering not just the long game but also the short game and putting.

Editor’s Choice 2020

Alignment and set-up are absolutely fundamental to any player’s game, and if things are wrong before you start your swing, it becomes much harder to play with any real consistency, often requiring various compensatory movements to get things back on track.

The Prak-tis alignment rules, made from recyclable polypropylene, have sliding features that guide you to the ideal stance with each club, advising you on the correct distance to stand from the ball and whether or not you are aligned to the target, with pointers to optimum ball position and width of stance.

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All bases covered

The full product range comprises the Prak-tis Consistent set-up kit for tee-to-green practice; the Prak-tis Putting Template and Perfect Putting kit for use on the green; and the Prak-tis Pro Complete Kit for long game, short game and putting.

We found all elements an excellent and inexpensive way to get the basics right, with the Consistent Set-up kit easily adjusted according to the type of shot we were practising, providing instant information about our optimum ball and feet position. It can be easily transported too inside your golf bag. The Perfect Putting kit then lets you check that your backswing and follow-through are on line and allows you to practise a range of drills to  strategically placed holes.

Overall, these excellent training aids are simple to use and great value for money. You can buy the various kits separately, but with the complete kit retailing for just under £40, we’d recommend investing in the whole package.

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