Cobra King Speedzone Fairway

The Cobra King Speedzone fairway is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list

The Cobra King Speedzone fairway is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Cobra King Speedzone Fairway

There are three models in Cobra’s latest Speedzone line-up: the standard model; a King Speedzone Tour Fairway with a more compact shape engineered for low spin, a more piercing trajectory and greater workability; and the King Speedzone Big Tour which boasts the largest profile, stronger lofts and a forward CG weighting for fast ball speed and low spin.

Editor's Choice 2020

All three feature Cobra’s renowned sole rails, which are now split, with the silver front section hollowed out to create thinner walls that flex at impact while preventing the leading edge from digging. The result is more flex for added ball speed and higher launch as well as more clubhead speed via cleaner strikes.

In our big 2020 fairway wood test, the King Speedzone models came out ahead of everything else when it came to turf interaction. Those rails make the club less prone to digging - especially with the ball sitting down a little - and pleasingly forgiving on slightly heavy strikes. If you use your fairway woods more from the fairway than the tee, King Speedzone is definitely one to consider.

Compact Tour model

Our personal preference is for a more compact look over the ball, and the King Speedzone Tour model is one of the most compact on the market. With the centre of gravity further forward, this model kept our spin rates 700rpm lower than the standard King Speedzone. That was perfect for our game, but it may well be different for you depending on your swing and clubhead speed.

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The Big Tour model actually spun even less and carried the furthest of all clubs we tested, so if you're not averse to a larger clubhead off the deck, that might be the one for you. The fact that all King Speedzone clubs feature Cobra Connect shot-tracking technology Powered by Arccos for post-round performance and statistical analysis is another real plus.

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