Cobra King Speedzone Driver

The Cobra King Speedzone driver is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

The Cobra King Speedzone driver is one of the products featured in our Editor's Choice product list.

Cobra King Speedzone Driver

The King F9 driver delivered a tremendous success story for Cobra and it secured their place as a major player in the driver market. With the King SZ or Speedzone driver, Cobra has taken another step forward and it was an easy choice to include this impressive club in the 2020 Editor’s Choice list.

Editor's Choice 2020

Like the F9, the design of the SZ has been influenced by fast cars and it’s certainly a sleek and speedy looking club. Set behind the ball, the aesthetics are cleaner than its predecessor. It sits comfortably at address and we feel it’s easier to get the alignment spot on.

Power comes from the new CNC Infinity Milled Face that optimises thickness as well as bulge and roll for a more consistent flight and distance. A new streamlined Titanium T-Bar Speed Chassis and the carbon wrap crown allow more weight to be redistributed low and back, and around the perimeter. In total 69 grams is repositioned in the SZ compared to 40 grams in the F9.

Improved aerodynamics in the SZ have been introduced to reduce drag and to maximise clubhead speed.

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Excellent efficiency

In testing, we found that the King SZ delivered enhanced efficiency in terms of converting clubhead speed into ball speed. We also felt it was more forgiving on the off-centre strikes than the King F9. Those slight mishits were not so harshly punished either in loss of distance or direction.

Spin control

With two interchangeable weight options of either 2 or 14 grams, it’s easy to optimise launch and reduce spin rate depending on individual requirements and technique. Get the weighting right, with the correct shaft option and the SZ delivers an excellent, low-spinning ball flight that will help a broader range of golfers achieve greater consistency from the tee.

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