The Ocean Tee Oceanic Polo Shirt been chosen for our Editor's Choice List in 2021.

Ocean Tee Oceanic Polo Shirt

Sustainability is a constant and huge topic in every walk of life at the moment with golf not being immune from it. Long-term solutions to problems in the game must be found and one particular avenue to discuss here is in relation to sustainable materials and manufacturing in apparel.

Ocean Tee Oceanic Polo Shirt

Promoting Sustainability

As such, brands like Ocean Tee are attempting to solve these issues by promoting sustainability within golf, and producing products that have been constructed with processes, textiles and materials that do not impact the environment.

A case in point is Ocean Tee’s factory in Europe which, at the time of writing, is the only factory in the world to have met the textiles procurement standard set by Greenpeace.

We have been a fan of Ocean Tee for a while now, from when they started out making environmentally-friendly bamboo tees which made our 2020 Editors Choice list, to the Mako polo shirt that made our list on the best golf polos in the game. Both products sought to innovate and fight environmental problems in new and effective ways.

Repurposed Cotton

Well in 2021 Ocean Tee has continued to do both of these things with the brand new Oceanic polo as well.

A triumph in sustainable performance, the Oceanic is made from a unique blend of Tencel and Refibra – which is a sustainable fibre crafted from wood pulp and repurposed cotton.

The resulting lightweight fabric is naturally breathable and temperature-regulating with properties that keep you cool, dry and odour free. We think it also looks great in both colourways too.

Ocean Tee is a brand that is thinking ahead to the long-term future with environmentally sound pieces like the Oceanic polo.

Its products perform well and are definitely worth a little financial support, especially considering it gives 25% of its profits to UK charities that fight plastic pollution and protect marine environments.

Ocean Tee Oceanic Polo Shirt