The PuttOut Plane And Alignment Sticks feature in our Editor's Choice product list for 2021.

PuttOut Plane And Alignment Sticks

If you’ve been to a tour event you will have seen all the top pros spending hours on the practice putting green running through all sorts of drills with all sorts of bits of kit.

PuttOut Plane And Alignment Sticks

Multiple Benefits

This new set from PuttOut comprises some of the key elements you will see out on tour. Given what a huge part of your game and score comes down to putting, most golfers could certainly benefit from working hard on the fundamentals when it comes to rolling the ball along the fine grass.

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With this set you get two alignment sticks, two gates, and a putting plane that can be set at the correct angle for you by placing the sticks through the holes in the gates best-suited to the way you putt. Run the heel of your putter along the plane and monitor the length of your back and through stroke using its markings.

Extremely Versatile

The beauty of this set is that the individual elements can be used in different ways. For example, you can set one of the alignment sticks in the top central holes on the two gates to check your putter path and aim.

Or, using one of the gates alone, you can set it a short distance ahead of you (perhaps two feet) to work on delivering the putter face squarely so that you set the ball off on your chosen starting line.

It’s worth remembering that you don’t have to be far off with your starting lines to miss even a relatively short putt, and we found this a really useful drill.

Another great one-gate drill is to place one just in front of the hole at the point of entry for whatever break there is. The narrower gate means less margin for error and a need to focus more sharply.

PuttOut Plane And Alignment Sticks