– You do not feel comfortable holing out under pressure

– Your short putting is a weakness


When you are under pressure, doing your best to grind out a respectable medal score that your practice time really pays off. You may have seen this drill before, but it’s worth mentioning again because this is an excellent way of recording your improvement while testing all aspects of your putting. Mark a tee peg around a foot from the hole and mark out a line of ten pegs with equal spacing. Starting with the shortest putt, see how many putts you can hole in a row, moving further from the hole with each putt. If you miss any of them, start again. This is a great way to fix faults in your putting without getting too technical.

If you manage to hole all ten, move to a more sloping area of the green and start again. This drill is a great way to learn how to putt better under pressure. For great drills to hone your touch, read Rory McIlroy’s article on feel drills.

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Think in 

If you are really serious about taking your putting to the next level this is a drill I would suggest to lower handicappers. The best putters in the world will work out which part of the hole they want the ball to drop in. You can work on this by placing three tee pegs in a semi circle around the back of the hole. Before putting, you should choose either the left edge, right edge or centre of the cup. From around 6ft try to hole the putt dead weight into the selected part of the hole.