David Howell’s hybrid swing tips

Your hybrids are great clubs to use for your second shot, as they’re designed to help you hit the ball high and straight into the green. But how do you get the most from them? David Howell has some tips on how to do it…

Basic hybrid shots

When amateurs struggle with their hybrid play it is often because they don’t know whether to treat them like fairway woods or irons.

The subtle differences in ball position here can make a big difference. Remember that your hybrids are designed to get the ball up in the air for you, so you should treat them like a long iron.

Don’t complicate things. One of the big traps you need to avoid is getting the ball too far forward in your stance, as if you were hitting a 3-wood. With a fairway wood, you need a sweeping strike to get the ball up and into the air, and that’s why we set the ball forward in the stance.

But with a hybrid, the ball should be just forward of centre. From there, just make a normal swing and you should find the consistent strike you’re looking for.

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Flight control

The hybrid is great at getting the ball up in the air, but it’s also a very versatile club. For example, if you need to bring the flight down to control the ball in the wind, you can, just by using your normal punch shot technique.

All I would do in this situation is move the ball towards the middle of my stance and add a little more weight on my left side at address.

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Similar to when playing from the rough, this will help you hit down on the ball, delofting the club a little through impact for a lower ball flight.

With these two small changes, I can make a normal swing and bring the flight down by 10 or 15 feet. I’m still getting the power of my hybrid, but it will be much more penetrating, which is ideal in windy conditions.