The powerful Austrian is really moving up the World Rankings with a series of recent top finishes on the European Tour under his belt and from my Bernd Wiesberger swing analysis it’s easy to see why.


I would describe Bernd’s address position as strong and springy. He definitely looks ready to make an athletic movement and send another drive somewhere north of 300 yards. Importantly however, there is a real lack of tension at setup and this is crucial if you want to make a free-flowing and ultimately powerful golf swing.

Notice also his textbook posture, where he sets his spine over the ball by bending at the hips. This, and the ability to maintain that spine angle during the swing, is something that all top golfers have in common.

He sets the club beautifully on plane, and his coil is something we should all aspire to copy. Pause the video at the top of his backswing and notice how much power is stored, ready to unload in the downswing.

The club reroutes back on the target line which would suggest that he his natural ball flight is very neutral and that he is more than capable of hitting controlled draws and fades when he needs to.

The commitment through the shot is absolutely first class and something that all amateurs could learn from. Notice how well his upper body stays over the ball through impact, there is no lifting out of the shot – an essential element for good ball striking.

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He then drives through to a finish that reminded me of Gary Player in his heyday, with the weight fully pivoting on to his left side. He has had one run in a major (last year’s USPGA Championship), and with the experience of playing alongside Rory McIlroy in the final round, you can expect another in 2015. Watch this space.