The Coolest Putter In Golf? Evnroll ER2B Gravity Grip Putter Review

New for the summer in 2019, we test Evnroll’s ER2B putter featuring the lightweight oversized Gravity Grip.

Even though Evnroll may be fairly new, the designer behind the brand Guerin Rife has been a very forward-thinking putter designer for the last 20-odd years.

Guerin was the first person to put grooves on the putter face, something which most brands use in their putters.

The less surface area that contacts the ball, the ball comes off the face slower, so Evrnoll and Rife came up with a unique and patented groove design.

The clever thing that Rife and Evnroll have done is that the groove spacing has been adjusted so they are widest in the centre behind the sweet spot where naturally you have the biggest mass and therefore the ball comes of fast.

You move towards the heel and toe and the grooves are tighter, giving more mass behind the ball and therefore giving you a very consistent roll across the face no matter where you strike it.

There’s also a gearing-effect that helps the ball get back online when you strike it out of the heel or toe.

We found this to work very well, giving you a consistent ball speed and roll-out despite strike.

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The ER2B, with its black shaft and ‘murdered-out’ black head, looks stunning down behind the ball.

The putter is milled from a single block of 303 Stainless Steel, which is high quality and it is then hand-finished at Evnroll HQ in Carlsbad, California.

It comes in at over £300, very premium priced, however we seem to be happy to pay up to £500 for a driver but we use the putter on every hole and it really can save us strokes – perhaps that’s good value?

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The oversized Gravity Grip is incredibly light and different to other big grips as it is thick from back-to-front and not just from side-to-side.

Another thing that separates it from different grips is that is has a steel shaft running the length of the grip, which sits behind the shaft of the putter when the grip is on.

That produces a unique feel in your hands. You really do need to try it out yourself to experience it.

It took us a few rounds to get used to it but it does sit in the hands really nicely.

It allows you to really feel the putter head through the stroke, which should help you hit better putts, and the oversized element also helps with a smooth stroke to eliminate wrist-hinge.

There’s a little up-charge on the Gravity grip, around £30, but it’s definitely something to try if you go through the fitting process, something we’d always recommend on a putter, especially a premium one.

For our full review of the Evrnoll ER2B, watch the video at the top of the page.